To help users understand how our Website Traffic works and why they choose QNAS.Co for
their website traffic we are giving Free Trials. This Free Trials will make clear on what are all
the benefits users will get from QNAS.Co, also helps them to get their hands on our website
traffic before purchasing our Traffic services.

As the user gets into the website, they are asked to fill out the form which involves filling his
information and the type of traffic Plan, Source, Goal, and Country he wants to take, along
with that he will have an option to choose either they want to go for Free Trial or not, before
submitting the traffic request.


Free Trail option is available to all the users who are coming for the first time, for not making
it an obvious thing, we are restricting the number of Free Trials to 500 in a month. These 500
Free Trials will be offered to the First 500 users signing up and choosing the free trial option
each month. As we reach the target number the free trial option will be disabled. If our Free
Trial spots of a particular month are closed and the user who signs up after that and wants to
take a Free Trial, then the user can turn on or allow us to send him notifications, thus they can
get notified through mail or text message in the next month whenever our free trail option
opens up. A user can take Free Trail only once. If they try to take Free Trials more than once
by using any kind of misinformation or methods, their account will be banned from using or
taking up our services.

Plan Modification

Users will mostly get a Free Trial in Direct Traffic for 3 days or to an extended period of 7
days irrespective of the plan and source they choose. They will not have permission to edit or
make any changes to the plan. Users must use the predefined features and settings that
associated with the provided traffic Plan and source.

Time Duration

Users will get this Free Trial for a duration of 3 days. If he wants to extend the Free Trail, he
can contact QNAS.Co with a Free Trail expansion request. Where we will guide him on how
to expand the Free Trial timeline. The time duration can be extended max to 7 days based
upon how they follow our terms and conditions.


When the user reaches us with a trial extension request, he will be asked to follow the
following steps. QNAS.Co will ask them to write a review about our services on Trust
Palette, Google My Business or the Review section of QNAS.Co itself. If he chooses to write
the Review on Trust Palette or Google My Business, he will be provided with a link to those
sites, he has to go there and write a review about QNAS.Co, and has to provide us with a
Screenshot and URL of that review. If he chooses to write a review in the Review section of
QNAS.Co itself, then they have to get into the review segment and write a comment in the
comment section and as proof of their review, they can upload pictures and videos. Once it’s
done our team will go through and analyse the review and approve the free trial extension


QNAS.Co reserves the right to terminate any Free Trial Request if it’s not provided with
proper information and details, as well as User Accounts if they find violating our terms and
conditions during the Free Trial period. If it’s needed QNAS.Co can also imply a lifetime ban
on these accounts from using any of our services.


Our team may contact you during the Free Trial period to gather feedback regarding your
experience and also will provide assistance if you need on anything in the services we are
providing. Your feedback is valuable to us and will contribute to the enhancement of our

By availing of the free trial, users should agree to abide by these terms and conditions. If you
have any questions or require further clarification, please reach out to us through the provided
contact information on our website QNAS.Co.