Now with our Affiliate program, a user can become an affiliate and start earning money. When someone wants to become an affiliate, they have to fill out a form with proper information and request us regarding this. Our team will verify their details and award them with affiliate membership. they will be provided with a customised URL and scanner which he can use to share.

They will be also provided a dashboard where they can see and analyse the reach they are making, and the users they are bringing into QNAS.Co and the amount they are generating through this.

Revenue sharing

Affiliates will get 10% of the revenue generated from users coming through the link and scanner assigned to them. The duration of this revenue sharing may go up to 5 years. A user who came on board of QNAS.Co through the particular affiliate, then the affiliate will get a 10% commission on all his purchases up to the next 5 years. The revenue sharing will be given to an Affiliate user only for the payments generated or orders completed by users who signed up to QNAS.Co from the URL or Scanner that is provided to him by us. Please note that Affiliates will get revenue sharing only based on completed orders not on placed orders. The generated revenue will be added to his wallet. In case, any of the customers coming through them placed an order and within the next 14 days the customer requests for a refund, then this order will not be considered under completed orders or not eligible for revenue sharing. An order only comes under the Completed Order category after 14 days of the order placement. So user has to wait 14 days to get an update on his revenue status from the day of order was placed through him. Users will also be provided with invoices and Taxable invoices from QNAS.Co

Withdraw methods

An affiliate needs to fill in all his bank details where he wants to get credited with his revenue. The minimum amount they should have in their account is ____ to be available for withdrawal option. Currently, we are offering two withdrawal methods, Auto withdrawal and Manual withdrawal. In manual withdrawal, the affiliate can withdraw any amount that is available in his wallet. He needs to mention the amount he wants to withdraw and reach us with a request. We will verify the bank details, and the amount he wants to withdraw with his wallet amount, then will credit the requested amount to his bank account which he has mentioned. In auto withdrawal user can have a pre-mentioned threshold, whenever the user’s revenue in the wallet reaches that threshold, his bank account which is linked to our website will be credited with that amount.

If an Affiliate faces any kind of issue during withdrawal like a network issue, variations in the amount, etc., the Affiliate can contact QNAS.Co through the helpline number and email mentioned on our website, even he can leave a message for us there. Will try to resolve those issues as soon as possible. If there are any issues with bank servers, the resolving time may vary depending on the location and banks.  


QNAS.Co reserves the right to terminate any Affiliate requests if it’s not provided with proper information and details and QNAS.Co need not be answerable to anyone for rejecting their requests, as well as we can close any Affiliate Accounts if we find they are violating our terms and conditions while closing the account, QNAS.Co will reach out to them with a message saying why we are closing their account. If we find they are using the QNAS.Co name for any kind of illegal activities, misleading or any other kind of things that are not mentioned in our terms and conditions, then QNAS.Co can also imply a lifetime ban on these accounts from using any of our services.