User has to get in and fill his details as name, email, mobile number, and URL, and they have to choose the type of traffic Source, Goal, and Plan that they want from QNAS.Co (DNPE Solutions LLP) If they are representing any company or organisation, or taking service under the professional option then they must provide the company URL, Address, and Email. If they are taking service for personal use, then there is no need to provide the company details. As they fill and submit the form, from our end, it will take around 90 to 120 minutes for us to review and place the order in the sense to start the traffic that they had chosen. Sometimes the mentioned time might vary depending upon the country, type of traffic source users has chosen, and orders we are getting at that moment. 

User will only get traffic from the source, plan and country that he has chosen. According to the plan, traffic source and country users per month and page views will vary. As of now, we are offering website traffic for users from India, US, UK, Canada and Australia. The maximum number of users per month and page views that they will get under the particular plan will be provided to them as they choose the plan, before submitting the form. As of this, we are making the user aware of the numbers that they can reach with their chosen plan and traffic source before they take the plan. So whenever someone submits the form and requests for a traffic, he will know what is his reach. and he can’t edit or change that till the plan ends. The validity of each plan will last for 30 days. 

Only if user’s request gets approved, they are considered as the service takers or users of QNAS.Co (DNPE Solutions LLP).  Then they are provided with a User Dashboard, where they can see the real-time data and numbers that they are getting from the plan that they have taken. This helps users to analyse the traffic and reach and also helps us maintain a transparent environment for the users. 

Pausing the traffic:
Users can pause the traffic in the middle of the running plan whenever they want based on their own reasons and interests, for this they have to send a request to us and will pause the traffic. The effect and variations of what users will get on their reach of users per month and page views due to pausing the traffic, QNAS.Co (DNPE Solutions LLP) is not responsible for that. If the user pauses traffic for 12 or more than 12 hours, then there will be a decrease in the number of users per month and page views than what is mentioned in the plan at the beginning, this variation is caused by the user’s interest and action and has nothing to do with our services and promises. 

Editing the traffic:
Users can edit the URL for which he is taking the traffic. He can only change the existing URL to the URL of any other page of the same website. But he can’t change the Plan, Traffic source, Goal, Country, Users per month, Page views or any other aspects of the plan. If he wants to change these aspects he can change them as the current plan duration of 30 days gets over and wants to continue for another month, he can choose a different plan and aspects that time.