Users can start their store at QNAS.Co with this store, they can resell our website traffic to anyone
under their Brand Name and generate revenue from it. We will be giving them 50% discounts on the
original prices of all the plans and services when they start a store at QNAS.Co.

At first, they have to fill out the form with all the details including name, phone number, email,
website URL, and Country, and then submit us for approval. As we approve their store they will be
provided with all the plans and traffic sources available at QNAS.Co. They are free to resell that to
others as per their terms and conditions, and pricing. They will be also provided with an admin
dashboard from where they can monitor the data of their traffic and users, also add funds and
everything that comes under the chosen service. Store owners will be provided with Invoices and
Taxable invoices from QNAS.Co side.


QNAS.Co will also be able to see their user’s data and traffic analysis, as we have to maintain proper
documentation on our services. If we find any of the users (store owners) who are reselling our data as
a threat to the company then QNAS.Co will either contact the store owners to block them or it will
directly block the user, before that it will inform the store admin regarding this.


QNAS.Co is not responsible for the selling price, terms and conditions that store owners are using
while reselling our website traffic. The store owner or brand itself is solely responsible and
answerable to those things. When they resell our website traffic under their brand name, only if there
are any issues in the traffic or reach side that includes users per month and page views, we will take
that responsibility to solve the issue, but other than that all the queries, issues and demands that is
coming from their users, they solely responsible to that. Store owners can’t bring us in the middle of
them and their users whenever there are any problems.

While solving the traffic and reach-related issues we don’t directly deal with or get in touch with their
customers, unless and until the store owner wants us to do that with proper reasoning. we will solve
the traffic issues mentioned above in the background keeping the store owner as a face.


QNAS.Co reserves the right to terminate any requests coming for the Start a Store option if it’s not
provided with proper information and details and QNAS.Co need not be answerable to anyone for
rejecting their requests, as well as we can close any Store Accounts if we find they are violating our
terms and conditions, while closing the account, QNAS.Co will reach out to them with a message
saying why we are closing their account. If we find they are using the QNAS.Co name for any kind of
illegal activities, misleading or any other kind of things that are not mentioned in our terms and
conditions, then QNAS.Co can also imply a lifetime ban on these accounts from using any of our